We all have seen, heard or read information about how fitness, health and wellness play an important part in managing lymphedema and other medical conditions. Research has shown that by adding certain types of exercise that stimulates your lymphatic circulation to your daily routine, you can help improve your overall mental health and quality of life.

We have always been proud of our dedication to everything we do for the lymphedema community and the professional and friendly service we provide to each and every customer. With that said, we are proud to officially introduce you to AbsoYOGAlutely, a concept by Luna Medical and a place you can namaSTAY.

With our new corporate headquarters, we have built a yoga studio that will have a heavy focus on Lymphatic & Restorative Yoga. We should all make time in our busy schedules for routine maintenance of our circulatory systems, right? Iyengar and Hatha methods are gentle and slow. These classes offer deep breathing, a gentle approach and meditation that includes several poses that allow gravity to act on the lymphatic system. Decreasing stress increases lymphatic flow with benefits including increased range of motion, flexibility and muscle strength. Participants also experience a reduction in edema (swelling) and pain.

With this new service, you can subscribe to ?virtual yoga? classes and practice these techniques with certified instructors in the comfort of your own home, personal gym or support group.

We welcome anyone in Chicago to stop by for these classes and have a place to feel safe in an environment that understands and advocates for people with chronic circulatory conditions.

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